Cover art featuring many concepts and topics.

Conseptos is an album by Kazaki which incorporates various topics and media. Each song is about a specific phenomenon, movie, personality, TV show, etc.

Technical Information

Total Time: 28:21
All Composition/Arrangement: Kristel “Kazaki” Cuadra
Special Thanks: All mentioned in the concept list, Google.

Track List

  1. Crossfade Demo Conseptos

    Crossfade Demo Conseptos

    Crossfade demo.

    Terminal Velocity
  2. Dungeon Dragon ~Rebellion~
  3. Crimson Despair
  4. Save the Day
  5. Ego Trip
  6. She is Not Here
  7. Lost Gold
  8. Forever Alone
  9. Orpheus and Eurydice
  10. Asiong Salonga
  11. Short Story
  12. A World Without Free Knowledge
  13. Our Special Secret

Listen to the Album

  • Available on Discography Archive Page