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CPL logo.

Corsel Peripherals Language (CPL) is a language is used in UI2 (more commonly in Enidouka and Ravania) for programming basic robots with emotions. Corsel is an electronics company in Enidouka specializing in robotics and automobiles.

CPL Alphabet.

Sentences begin with the sentence starter (/) and end with the sentence ender (\). Words are formed freely by the author’s interpretation. You may combine certain symbols to form a desired word based from the symbols’ meanings.



How CPL looks like.

You are my hope. = eo ie ca
Sweet dreams. = ly catre

I sing for you. = ie vbuche eo
I will love you forever. = ie voe eo uoasy
Wind of flowers = waesim One-winged bird = uox waesim

Outer space = oimwaes xzyim

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