Diary foo

Cover Art featuring Broken, the main character of the story.

Diary of Broken is a concept EP by Kazaki. It is about the strange and brutal murder of a 20-year old guy named “Broken”, who was killed by his best friend, “Null”. Seeking revenge, he exacts justice to his killers, however, when his girlfriend, “Format”, gets involved in the scene, thinks take a different turn around.

The story is written in Japanese and the whole album has great amounts of progressive rock and experimental sounds.

Track List

  1. _brtl/;
    EP Kazaki - Diary of Broken (Crossfade Demo)

    EP Kazaki - Diary of Broken (Crossfade Demo)

    Crossfade demo.

  2. TK_$amp&kill;
  3. chg_FORMAT;
  4. ex(@operate.heart);

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