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Diary of Broken is a horror/gore/suspense/romance story from the M-Series, and was also made into one of Kazaki's EPs. The story is set in modern day Japan, in a school called Kaizen University, in a club known as CCB (Computer Connection Brigade). One of the members, Hibiki "Broken" Kurobu, makes a dark deal with his best friend, Muji "Null" Noritaka for the sake and safety of his girlfriend, Mato "Format" Shimizu. Later on, Broken awakens as a Zeryte to avenge his death and secretly protect Format, who doesn't know of his death.
-Story Trailer- Diary of Broken

-Story Trailer- Diary of Broken


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The series was recently developed into a manga / webcomic, which you can read here.

Diary of Broken EP

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The story was also made into one of Kazaki's EPs, following an experimental/hardcore genre with a touch of electronic elements. Kazaki also provided all the voices of the characters in the EP (Broken, Format and the narrator of the story).