Concept art.

ETA Soulmate
is a horror/suspense story from M-Series. Set in Lucena City, Philippines, a girl named Alice Flores suddenly gets hooked into a strange-looking social networking site named ETA Soulmate. The first person who adds her as a friend introduces himself as Adam Flores, Alice's younger brother who died years ago when they were kids. Alice's interest grew as Adam began showing signs that it is really him, making objects float around Alice's house, and even visiting her offline as a real person.




The series was heavily influenced by the social media hype in the Philippines, and was made around early 2011. Also, a weird prediction happened as Sir Barty's name happens to be synonymous with the character in Aksyon TV's Wasak segment "Bet ni Bart", and the show happens to be hosted by Lourd de Veyra, one of Kazaki's influences and idols.