Eiji "Aji" Murakata is a character from Inochinureta. He is an Immortal who was cursed by one of the Three Goddesses and became an occasional political assassin. He becomes entangled with a girl named Minako and soon becomes his fiance.


Full Name: Eiji Murakata (村方永治)
Nationality: Japanese
Alias: Aji (安治) (his original name, he prefers to be called with it)
Age: 21 (appearance), 110 (chronic)
Birthday: January 30, 1901 (Aquarius)
Height: 6’4 ½”
Race: Murasaki Immortal
Powers: M-I
Hobbies: Avenging victims of injustice, killing political retards, surfing the net
Personality: Mysterious, Weird, Charismatic
Related Characters: Minako (fiancé), Hibiki (reincarnation of the boy he once helped during his era), Moto (older brother), Murasaki (provider of immortality)
Story: Inochinureta, Truth and Unification