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Ezurian Corlamonis is the official language of Ezuria, a hidden sub region in Enidouka. Based from Ar Ciela Hymmnos.



Letters are divided into color clusters (see image). There are 10 clusters: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, pink, gray, black, and white. There are also three groups/letter types for each cluster: the first letter is for emotion, second is for actions, adjectives and adverbs, and third is for people and things (nouns). Each letter represents an emotion, idea, action or thing, and can be combined together.


A J V Love, Lucky, Anger, War, Blood, Mouth, Heart, House, Sacrifice, And
H N R Courage, Fruits, Fire, Wood, Old, Past, Mammals, Humans, Box, Body, Work, Container, Bag, Feet, Serve, However, Although
B C I Light, Sun, Happiness, Birds, Nose, Music, Stars, Moon, Galaxy, Astronomical, Spark, Firework, Candle, Hands, But, Place, Where
F G L Nature, Forest, Trees, Earth, Wind, Veggies, Dinosaurs, New, Ears, Reason, Food, Give, Volunteer, Beacause, Of, Fall
E K S Intelligence, Secret, Water, Ice, Rain, Fishes, Delusion, Illusion, Reflection, Eyes, Sky, In, Inside, Dream
D M U Sossy, Sovereign, Power, Storm, Feel, Request, If, Direction, Respect, Enter, Exit, Maybe
P W Y Girly, Adoration, Crush, Fantasy, Magic, Flowers, Mind, Candy, Sugar, Memory
Q T X Dull, Chaos, Smoke, Cloud, City, Money, Reality, Future, Present, Technology, Ghosts, Do, Action, Soul, Space, Repeat
O Death, Sadness, Despair, Solitude, Negative, Unknown, Silence, Fear, Lie, Ending, Void, Destroy, Devil, Evil, Hair, Night, Or, No, Bottom
Z Peace, Solemnity, Holy, Wisdom, Positive, Heaven, Pity, Truth, Beginning, Existence, Create, Angel, God, Good, Top, Diamond, Glass, Day, Yes

Pronunciation Guide


The image shows the pronunciation guide. Additionally, for male and female nouns: Add –o for male and –a for female.


Welcome to the future. – DN D Qeil. (draneo dra queeil)
The moon speaks happily. – IJ cauteo. (ies jir ceauteo)
Stars in the sky remind me of you and I. – I k S P sea g eil j sea. (ies ka slu pha sea go eil ji sea).

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