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Hexacode (av becula) is the ancient hexa-language for programming developed by Icnoytl (who later on reincarnated as Muji Noritaka a.k.a. Null of the Diary of Broken series) during his incarnation in the Aztec era.



Hexacode alphabet/character set.

Its purpose was to establish the soul alteration servers, enabling the existence of Zerytes, Immortals, Time Travelers, and the like. Based from Ar Ciela & Carmena Foreluna Hymmnos, as well as, of course, hexadecimal values. It was also used by the Three Goddesses (Murasaki, Uriya and Ena). It is used to program emotions onto certain phenomena/functions, simple and complex.

Sentence Structure

Sentences start with a number sign (#) and ends with a semicolon (;).
To create words, simply combine the characters depending on their meanings.
The 1, 2 and 3 on the table denotes how many times the character is used on that particular meaning or pronunciation. Special meanings are created by putting an underscore (_) next to the character.


#2_1_79C; - You are my hope.

  • 2_ means You and 1_ means I or Me.
  • 7 means Good Luck, 9 means Suspense, and C means Promise. Combine the three terms and you get the word Hope.

And now, let’s look at words with characters used two or three times (see the chart for reference):
#1_FFF2_44FFF; - I feel your sadness.

  • 1_ means I or Me.
  • FFF means Emotion or Feeling.
  • 2_ means You.
  • 44 means Darkness and FFF means Emotion. Combine the two and you get Sadness.

#2_DD1_1118; - You gave me a heart.

  • 2_ means You.
  • DD means Acceptance or Receiving.
  • 1_ means I or Me.
  • 111 means Love and 8 means Infinity. Combine the two and you get Heart.

The combination of verbs have no strict rules – it depends on the author’s interpretation.

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