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is a language which is roughly based from Filipino and Polynesian Languages, as well as the famous (in the Philippines) language phenomena Jejemon. It also represents Kazaki’s loyalty to her nation. Also, it sounds similar to some other Philippine dialects (e.g. Cebuano, Waray and Ilokano).



Jeleiyan Alphabet. Notice that some characters are based from Jejemon.

I/Me = Aqua
You = Kawy
We = Dayuz

Basic words

Love = label
Hope = hopsig
Peace = fish
Filipino (citizenship) = Piliney
Philippines = Filinos
Heart = fuz
Happy = sayante
Sad = lukynte
I love you = Neylabel olkawy


es = is
nga = of
lei = a/an/the
wix = don’t
dil = negative
batsa = must / should

Prefixes and Suffixes

-ol = direct object marker
-nte (ending in vowel and/or y), -ante (ending in consonant) = for adjectives
nel- = past, ney- = present, nex- =future
-ing = possessive
-ssi = plural
-gusi = want
-get = adverb

Grammar Structure

The pattern is similar to English (subject – verb). Let’s take a look at some examples:

Kawy es Aquaing hopsig. (You are my hope)
Lei treilz nga buay es neybunget. (The tree of life is bearing fruit)

Nationalities of other Countries

German = Hermaney
Australian = Austaney
Russian = Rassney
Korean = Korney
Japanese = Japiney
American = Amney
Greek = Griyeney
Spanish = Espaney
French = Pranseney
Chinese = Inchiney
Vietnamese = Vietney

Lexicon (Dictionary)

English Jeleiyan
A / An / The Lei
Above Abiva
Action Agsyon
Airplane Eflan
All Madlug
Always Lakwy
And End
Apostles Afosolessi
Bear (fruit) Bunget
Because Del
Become Taral
Being sparky/blooming Vonggie
Bird Engrib
Birthday Quarwan
Black Kuronte
Blood Dergo
Bloom Bulum
Book Worma
Buay Life
Can Quad
Car Otomoto
Ceiling Quizam
Celebrity Meynstrili
Change Changgi
Computer Pisi
Conquer Kayubadta
Cry Yeyk
Death Martay
Desire Helenjo
Different Kaibante
Divide/Slice Hats
Dream Ngeraf
Drop Dulsa
Eight Ots
Embrace Payka
Even if Kerhet
Every Eva
Everyone Madlugpol
Express Mikatig
Eye Ayay
Farm Viller
Fear Erkot
Fighter Batalyar
Filipino Piliney
Five Fiv
Flood Bahalorso
Flower Florjey
Fly Palili
For (the sake of) Par
Forever Eyen
Four Quat
Free Laye
Friend Tomodomo
From Myul
Fulfil Filato
Gay Gangching
Ghost/Spirit Tolmud
Glass Grisey
God Daus
Good Meyan
Good Night Meyan Kabi
Guitar Rondaleta
Happy Sayante
Heart Fuz
Here Ere
Hide Dagot
High Flagante
Hope Hopsig
Husband & Wife Kila & Fala
I / Me Aqua
Impress Shoff
In (place) Tu
In (time) Tel
In (way) Get
Is Es
It Gang
Jeepney Chippy
Jesus Christ Heswa Crishtu
Judas Iscariot Hwodas Scaryod
Leave/Left Iwad/Neyiwad
Lie down Plangkat
Lose (defeated) Torol
Lose (not gain) Lawad
Love Label
Loved Person/Sweetheart Labelpol
Low Flordante
Marriage Ibelo
Mountain Tobleronto
Music Sawndie
Nature Naturale
Night Kabi
Nine Siya
No Dil
No one Dilpol
November Nobiebrea
October Oktoborante
Of Nga
Ok/Fine Yeye
One Insa
Own Sarl
Peace Fish
Person Pol
Philippines Filinos
Piano/Keyboard Fionatto
Plants Sunzel
Play (perform music) Tugut
Pray Panala
Promise Finkly
Rain Jilana
Reality Relasque
Receive Tagapo
Run Tarka
Sacrifice Natuvikare
Sad Lukynte
Say Mik
See Mita
Seven Shen
Should Batsa
Sing Chanto
Six Shi
Sky Palaf
Small Ilinte
Span Difa
Still Mard
Stop Holt
Strange Koyobente
Taxi Taxedo
Tear (eye) Ulat
There Dole
Therefore Zerfory
This Tow
Three Tera
Time Ors
To Du
Tree Treilz
Tricycle Taigul
Two Dal
Understanding Tolkot
Voice Mikal
Water Tobir
Way Fary
We Dayuz
White Datunte
Wing Pelake
Wish Helengge
With Kasmai
With (way) Nagg
Word Salda
Work Ahota
World Mandu
Wound Sukota
Yes Nes
You Kawy
Youth Jeipets
Zero Siro
Zombies Andedssi (Andeds)

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