Kurota Tachibana is a character from A.I.D.S. He is an innocent guy who gets tricked by his innocent-looking girlfriend, Ventrice Asakawa, who is actually a prostitute/whore from a syndicate and steals money from him. He was then killed in the hands of Ventrice's accomplices. Frustrated, Kurota becomes a Zeryte and takes revenge on the syndicate and even Ventrice herself.


Full Name: Kurota Tachibana (立花黒太)
Nationality: Japanese
Age: 26 (present), 12 (during Maria’s story)
Birthday: November 8, 1985 (Scorpio)
Height: 6’
Religion: Roman Catholic
Race: Zeryte
Weapon: Dual Guns (Formerly Katana)
Powers: ZSP
Hobbies: Playing Gran Turismo games, having traditional Japanese tea
Special Features: Changes from a weak innocent guy as a human into a seductive and dark zeryte of death
Personality: Quiet and cool (human), Strong and seductive (zeryte)
Related Characters: Maria & Ai (cousins), Noriko (niece), Ventrice (girlfriend)
Story: A.I.D.S.