Kurumi Murasaki is a character in Inochinureta. She is the Goddess of Immortality, who gives life via a special kind of magic technology. She can also curse people depending on her mood. Of the Three Goddesses, she is the hardest to please.

She later appears in Diary of Debug to offer Debug a piece of Immortality.


Full Name: Kurumi Murasaki (村崎来海)
Nationality: Japanese
Alias: Murasaki-sama (村崎さま), The Goddess of Immortality (不死の女神)
Age: Around her 30’s (appearance)
Birthday: September 1 (Virgo)
Height: 5’8”
Race: One of the Three Goddesses
Powers: M-I
Hobbies: Nail polishing, Learning various musical instruments
Personality: Charismatic
Related Characters: Miki/Uriya (younger sister in the Goddess trio), Minako/Ena (younger sister in the Goddess trio)
Story: Inochinureta, Diary of Debug