La visita

Album art, Spotify version.

La Visita a Rizal is a concept album by Kazaki.

Inspired by the national hero of the Philippines, Jose Protacio Rizal y Mercado, this is a concept album about Kazaki’s own personal journey into his story, experiences, and fate. It is mostly written in Filipino (Tagalog) and Spanish, and is her first nationalistic work.

Technical Information

Total Time: 21:08
All Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement and Vocals: Kristel “Kazaki” Cuadra
Languages Used: Filipino (Tagalog), Spanish and other assorted languages
Special Thanks: Jose Rizal and Google Translate.

Album art, original version.

Track List

  1. Crossfade Demo La Visita a Rizal

    Crossfade Demo La Visita a Rizal

    Crossfade demo.

    Prólogo -Panahon ng Kastila-
  2. Calamba
  3. Metas Altas
  4. Europa
  5. Es noble ser un indio
  6. Lingüista Rizal
  7. Sa Kanyang mga Kontrobersiya
  8. Sisa
  9. Filibustero
  10. Para sa bayan?
  11. Mi Ultimo Adios
  12. Epílogo -Simula ng Rebolusyon-

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