Lost Utopia Album Art.

Following the stories of an alternative universe through Kazaki’s eyes, Lost Utopia presents her own dreams using the power of electronic and nostalgic music. Each song (except the first and the last track) represents each memorable dream she had, whether it is recurring or one-time only. The cover art represents the second song, “Fantasie Mall Entrance”, drawn in a nostalgic perspective.

She hopes that everyone will listen to the message of her heart and thoughts, expressed through her vivid dreams. Despite using other languages in this album, she strongly put all of her emotions into the production of this 13-track masterpiece.

Track List

  1. Fall Asleep
  2. Fantasie Mall Entrance
  3. Otaku Heaven
  4. White Doors
  5. Wild Wilderness, Multiple Roads
  6. Beyond the Vine Wall
  7. Library House of Fate
  8. Chaotic Dog Chase
  9. Back to School
  10. Forbidden Face
  11. Sleep Teleport
  12. Good Morning Rain

Listen to the Album

  • Available on Discography Archive Page