Lost Utopia Act 2 Cover Art.

Lost Utopia Act 2 encompasses Kazaki’s dreams, although, these dreams are more serious and have started to contain important links and hints to the real world. The cover image represents the track “The Wrong Skyline”, where Kazaki travels a huge city filled with nostalgic air and high skyscrapers.

Also, she’s used even more languages in this album, including her 7 original languages: Enidoukan, Ravanian, Lunaria, Senphal, Sky Language, Code 462 and Etherian Corlamonis.

This is her second journey to the beautiful world of dreams and the connection of them to the present days.

Track List

  1. Sweet Dreams
  2. The Wrong Skyline
  3. Blue Ride
  4. Intelligent Jeepney
  5. Unmoving Celestial Symbols in the Sky
  6. Majesty Resort
  7. Tragedy Meets Reality ~Shoot, Crash~
  8. The Secret Room
  9. End Of
  10. When We Crossed the Stars on a Unicorn of Hope
  11. Alive With You

Listen to the Album

  • Available on Discography Archive Page