Lost Utopia Act 3 Cover Art.

Lost Utopia Act 3 is the third part of Kazaki's series of dreams. It focuses on dreams that are a bit more artistic and less dark. The album art is about the song "Honey Flight". The album contained many styles like Neo-Classical and Experimental (Video-game style) music.

The languages used in this album are: Japanese, English, Viaalara, Sky Language, Enidoukan, Bellueroian and Sphereian.

Track List

  1. Good Night
  2. Vehicle Saver
  3. Attic's View
  4. 100 Nails + Blue Fibers
  5. Honey Flight
  6. Headresses and Art
  7. Shortcut to Fantasie Mall
  8. Shikata Package
  9. Mouse Theater
  10. Bellueroia
  11. Allen 4
  12. Vision End

Listen to the Album

  • Available on Discography Archive Page