Cover Art.

The Lost Utopia Subconsciousness Concert is a special album by Kazaki from the Lost Utopia Series. Some songs are “generated” by her own mind in her own dreams.

Though she could not remember the exact melodies, she remembered how each song felt, thus, this album was created. This subconsciousness concert talks about different dreams and topics, and has different singers/voices from Kazaki’s own world. The cover art is from the song “I Hate P.D.”

Technical Information

Total Time: 25:44
All Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement and Vocals: Kristel “Kazaki” Cuadra
Languages Used: English, Japanese, Korean
Special Vocal Aliases: Kazaki Seine (UTAUloid), Lien Cephas, Broken, Format, Null, Debug, Arlyn, Cho, RGB

Listen to the Album

Track List

  1. Crossfade Demo Lost Utopia Subconsciousness Concert

    Crossfade Demo Lost Utopia Subconsciousness Concert

    Crossfade demo.

    Blue Haze
  2. Blue Wheel
  3. A Rainbow Dream
  4. To Fly
  5. With It
  6. I Hate P.D.
  7. HypnoLove
  8. Hypnosis
  9. Else ~Winter~
  10. Else ~Summer~
  11. Else ~Spring~
  12. Else ~Autumn~
  13. Abandoned Darkness
  14. Tears
  15. Funloop
  16. Sunbridge