Maria Tachibana is a character from S.T.D. She is an innocent girl who was raped and killed by five delinquents, then turns into an evil, seductive Zeryte to avenge her death and get back at the ones who took away her innocence.


Full Name: Maria Tachibana (立花マリア)
Nationality: Japanese
Age: 16 (in story), 30 (present time)
Birthday: December 8, 1981 (Sagittarius)
Height: 5’3”
Religion: Roman Catholic
Race: Zeryte
Weapon: Dual Swords (formerly a black scythe)
Powers: ZSP (Zeryte Standard Powers)
Hobbies: Reading books, having traditional Japanese tea
Special Features: Changes from a frail innocent girl as a human into a seductive and dark zeryte of death
Personality: Slightly sensitive (human), Strong and seductive (zeryte)
Related Characters: Noriko (niece), Ai & Kurota (cousin), Klas (rumored boyfriend), Marcus (older brother)
Story: S.T.D.