Mato "Format" Shimizu is a character in the story Diary of Broken, and also appears in succeeding stories. She is the girlfriend of Broken who is in the danger of being in the hands of Broken's former best friend, Null (and she doesn't know this). She then becomes worried about Broken not being able to contact her for days already.

Format is not very much scared about supernatural stuff because she grew up from a family of paranormal-acquainted people. In fact, her aunt is a Zeryte who once taught her some techniques in overcoming fear.

After A Broken Echo, it was hinted that she and Hibiki have broken up (separated or perhaps cooled off) due to unknown reasons.

About her Nationality


Mato / Format close up.

Format is half-German and half-Japanese, and her Zeryte aunt is German. Coincidentally, her previous incarnation is also German.


Full Name: Mato Shimizu (志水間戸)
Nationality: Japanese
Alias: Format (フォーマット)
Age: 21
Birthday: September 25, 1990 (Libra)
Height: 5’7 ½”
Course: BS Computer Science (Kaizen University)
Race: Zeryte (Former Human)
Powers: ZSP, Data Space Hack
Favorite Color: Red
Other Talents: Great Sword Techniques
Hobbies: Programming, Designing Program Interfaces, Listening to music, Playing Badminton
Personality: Balanced
Past Reincarnation Information: Annaliese Kluge (アンナリーゼ・クルージュ), 16 years old, Beethoven’s Era, Germany
Related Characters: Hibiki (boyfriend), Naoko (best friend), Muji (ex-boyfriend in time-space without Miki’s data alteration), Kame (GS trainor)
Story: Diary of Broken, Diary of Debug, Diary of Error, Truth and Unification