Minako Harukata is a character from Inochinureta. She gets alarmed when a mysterious young man named Eiji (later called Aji) murders her parents for being bad politicians and executives. Minako has a good temperament; she doesn't get angry unless provoked.


Full Name: Minako Harukata (晴方美奈子)
Nationality: Japanese
Alias: Ena (絵奈) (her original name), The Goddess of Time-Traveling (旅行時間の女神)
Age: 18 (appearance and as human)
Birthday: July 16, 1991 (Cancer)
Height: 5’7”
Race: Murasaki Immortal via Aji, Time Traveler, Reincarnation of one of the Three Goddesses
Powers: M-I, Time Traveling (she is the reincarnation of the Goddess of Time-Traveling)
Hobbies: Bird-watching, Feeding birds, Forest exploration, Singing
Personality: Quiet
Related Characters: Aji (fiancé), Miki/Uriya (younger sister in the Goddess trio), Murasaki (older sister in the Goddess trio)
Story: Inochinureta