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Moon Edge Ravanian is the dialect/language used by the Ravanians living in the “Moon Edge” parts of the country, meaning on the northeast and northwest parts (Ravania is a crescent moon-shaped country).

Comparison with Standard Ravanian


Moon Edge Ravanian Alphabet.

It follows standard grammar, but uses different suffixes for words. These are the only differences with the standard Ravanian. The rest are the same.

Verb Tense

To make a noun into a verb, use:
>> - zy for the progressive tense (-ing)
>> - ush for the past tense
>> - shar for the future tense
>> - chy for the command form
>> - jet for an action you want to do
>> - kra for forbidding
>> - afel for pleading
>> - huft for negative
>> - lush for suggestive plural subject

Ex. Ijfaz (Go)
Going – Ijfazzy
Went – Ijfazush
Will Go – Ijfazshar
Go! - Ijfazchy!
I want to go - Ijfaz jet (Jet is always written seperately)
Don't go! - Ijfazkrachy! (kra forbids and chy commands)
Please don't go! - Ijfazkraafel!
Not going – Ijfazzyhuft
Let's Go - Ijfazlush (Formally - Erst Ijfazlush)

Polite requests: Please don't go: Rifi ijfazue. (add Rifi and -ue)
When a verb has no suffix, it is automatically present tense.


Add -breg
Road – Schu
Roads – Schubreg

Conjunctions/Helping Verbs/Others

Nei - Is/am/be (can be a verb)
Zey - placed before the direct object
Keh - of (can be also used for possesive nouns)
Fort - or
O - and
Orl - and (bet 2 sentences)
El (beginning with consonant), Fyaz (beginning with vowel) - The


Positive Adjectives: Add -shid
Ex. Beauty – Kruj
Beautiful – Krujshid

Negaitive Adjectives: Add -anzt
Ex. Beauty – Kruj
Ugly – Krujanzt


Add -zut
Beautifully – Krujzut

Use of nei

I was - Koz neiush
I will be - Koz neishar
I am - Koz neizy
It was – Neush
It will be – Neshar
It is / It is happening - Neizy or Ne

Combination Verbs

Koz nei muzkaftar lesk Ezt zey frestirshar asteferir. - I will continue to love you forever.

Example Sentences

Eti nejfna, Koz kch unicorn kch lieztu. (Ravanian)
Eti nejfna, koz keh unicorn keh lieztu. (Moon Edge)
Sweet dreams, my unicorn of hope. (English)

Koz ne osyrztou ilch fyeshlif osyr kch lieztu. (Ravanian)
Koz nei osyrzy ilch fyeshlshid osyr keh lieztu. (Moon Edge)
I am singing this powerful song of hope. (English)

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