Olga Cain is a character from Curse of Growth. She is the good friend of Stephen Cain's mother, and was tasked to take care of Stephen even after his death. With her guidance, Stephen takes revenge for illegal EVS operators and practitioners in Baukizen, Enidouka. She also appears to be strict sometimes, but very caring.


Full Name: Olga Cain
Nationality: Canadian
Residence: Enidouka
Age: Approximately in her 30’s (in story)
Birthday (creation day): February 17 (Aquarius)
Height: 5’7”
Race: IM (Imaginary Human)
Creator: Stephen’s mother
Powers: Materialization
Hobbies: Having coffee, Reading fashion magazines
Personality: Strict, Serious
Related Characters: Stephen (adoptive brother), Stephen’s mother (creator)
Story: Curse of Growth