Cover art featuring the two main characters, Aeria (left) and Katerina (right).

Planet Diva is a remix concept album by Kazaki.


In the planet known as Planet Diva, Angel Divas are race of Divas that are "innocent" and "purified" such that they passed a secret test of the government that allowed them to stay in a "sanctuary" known as the Angel Embassy. They are kept away from Commoner Divas who are "sinful" and "influential". Where as Commoner Divas are the normal Divas residing in Planet Diva.

They have less privileges than Angel Divas because they are shunned from the "holy people". They are viewed as sinful and hopeless people, which they are. They became this because they were separated from the Angel Divas and fell into the dark side of their hearts.

Aeria Knawaz is an Angel Diva who got curious of the current life in Planet Diva. She passed the Angel Embassy Test because she wanted to make a change in the planet and wanted to become stronger, even if it means being purely innocent-hearted. But she missed the planet so much that she escaped from her position and disguised as a Commoner Diva named Belle Ashen. She found herself in Seven Ginne Alley, a place full of drunkards and party people, and meets a delinquent named Katerina Moviel.

Katerina is a Commoner Diva who lives in Seven Ginne Alley and loves drinking. She lives with her mother in a small house. One day, she meets Aeria Knawaz, an Angel Diva who disguised as a Commoner Diva, who introduced herself as Belle Ashen. One day, a supernova occurred beside their planet and the current Holy Muse didn't have enough power to create the Holy Barrier that can protect them from the explosion.

Because of Katerina's unexplained fear of "losing everything", she stood on the Divine Altar to do the ritual in place of the Holy Muse who passed out, because time was running out for them. This event led to the Holy Muse's jealousy. What will become of Planet Diva?

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Track List

  1. Crossfade Demo Planet Diva Remix Album - Electronic

    Crossfade Demo Planet Diva Remix Album - Electronic

    Crossfade demo.

    Chapter 1: Angel's Descent ~Halo~ (Beyonce)
  2. Chapter 2: Drinker Madness ~Like a G6~ (Far East Movement ft. The Cataracts)
  3. Chapter 3: Supernova Encouragement ~Firework~ (Katy Perry)
  4. Chapter 4: Day Off ~Friday~ (Rebecca Black)
  5. Chapter 5: Servants ~Blow~ (Ke$ha)
  6. Chapter 6: Forgiveness ~Judas~ (Lady GaGa)
  7. Chapter 7: Sublimation ~Hold it Against Me~ (Britney Spears)
  8. Chapter 8: End of Quest ~The Climb~ (Miley Cyrus)