Starlit Connection, her debut album.

Starlit Connection is Kazaki's first solo album. Filled with many inspirations, Kazaki presents her very first solo album with 14 vocal tracks and 2 electronic instrumental tracks.

She has used a variety of languages on the album, including English, Japanese, Hymmnos (from the Ar Tonelico games) and Lunaria (one of her original languages).

Track List

  1. Handle With Care
  2. Sora no Wata, Kieta Anata
  3. The Everlasting Scenery
  4. Ice Heart
  5. Na Na Na ~Anata no Ai wa Itoshii Kara~
  6. iRemember
  7. Digital Dreams
  8. Irs Ieeya
  9. Someone Like You
  10. Paradise Memory
  11. Into The Limit
  12. Albatross
  13. For Noel Champie
  14. Grande Island

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