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Stwiedht is the language used by the Murasaki Immortals in the M-Series (e.g. Naoko/Debug, Ena, Aji, Klas, etc.) both as a command language and a speaking language. It is one of the most complex languages Kazaki made.

Stwiedht alphabet.

The characters are generally combined together freely (as the user wishes) to make a valid word.


Love + Dream + Truth = Love (ai + ch + eu)
Earth + World + Place = World (pr + oi + rs)
Dream + Love + Colors + Fantasy = Beautiful (ch + ai + vxy + uu)
Light + Truth + Infinity = God (zp + eu + dht)

In the same way, “stwiedht” means Machine + Connection + Infinity, meaning it is used to alter a connected sytem for the immortals.

Example Sentences:

How Stwiedht looks like.

I love you = yeoly praiyn kluwa
This is a beautiful world = preuyn preu chaivxyuu proirs

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