Ventrice Asakawa is a character from A.I.D.S., and the girlfriend of Kurota Tachibana. Masquerading as an innocent girl, she soon reveals that she is a prostitute working for a syndicate and stealing money from her boyfriend, who dies in the hands of the syndicate. Later on, she felt guilty about using him, but things could be too late for her, as Kurota's soul is already set for revenge.


Full Name: Ventrice Asakawa (浅川ヴェントリチェ)
Nationality: Japanese (half-Italian)
Age: 22
Birthday: July 29, 1989 (Leo)
Height: 5’3 ½”
Occupation: Club Dancer (night), Waitress (day), Syndicate Agent
Hobbies: Origami, Bird-watching, collecting stuffed toys (especially Hello Kitty)
Personality: Secretive, Defensive with a complex personality
Related Characters: Kurota (boyfriend)
Story: A.I.D.S.